Why don’t they get along?

Diesel and Zox were constantly fighting. They’re both big boys, so it could get really ugly. But why did they fight? Is it because they were both males? In the Animal Communication session it was found that being males wasn’t really the reason. Miral looked deeper into the root cause of the issue, and the underlying emotions for this behavior; Zox (who had come home first) said his place was taken when Diesel arrived, and that the host’s mom loved Diesel more than him, although initially he was her favorite. The client confirmed that her mom’s attitude had actually changed since Diesel arrived, and it was true that she preferred Diesel. Zox added he no longer received the attention that he used to get from everyone. As for Diesel he was trying to prove his presence, and make a place for himself at home.

Miral gave recommendations on how to handle both dogs from an emotional perspective. Once the client made the effort to apply the advice, both dogs started to live together in peace, and they actually became friends- despite that they were both males.

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

Khalil Gibran