Why does the horse often throw him off?
The guy was almost 17 years old, and he complained that the horse often threw him off, both during trainings and competitions. This was despite the fact that he gave him treats and everything. When Miral did the Animal Communication session with the horse, he revealed that the boy’s body posture isn’t in full form and if they jump, they could fall and both be seriously injured. That’s why he throws him off and avoids the jumps. The guy confirmed that his trainer had commented about his body posture and that he is training to fix it. The horse also revealed that he felt that he was given treats to perform well, not out of love. When Miral informed the guy, he said that he previously had a horse that he loved very much but he passed away. Having felt so much pain because of his loss, he chose to never open his heart again to any horse, and thus yes he gave him the treats out of duty.
Once the guy knew the real reason why the horse was throwing him off, he promised to try to open up and genuinely connect with him. He later updated Miral that things were getting better between the horse and himself. Love is always the answer!

Not all those who wander are lost.

J. R. R. Tolkien